Sunday, August 19, 2012

Information about High Risk Car Insurance and Dui Car Insurance

A High Risk Car Insurance is required by those who are considered high risk driver. Being a bad driver the car insurance companies consider you a high risk. Although, being a bad driver is not the only reason to be considered as high risk, there are other reasons as well on the basis of which you may be considered as high risk driver. They are:

1) Demographics- Women are considered as less risk then men, urban people are less of a risk than rural people, and adults are considered less risk than teenagers by the car insurance companies. But men who are under the age of 25 years are considered high risk and they need a High Risk Car Insurance.

2) Poor Credit History- Drivers having a poor credit history also need high risk car insurance because such drivers are more likely to file large number of claims. Insurance companies use this data for charging higher premiums.

3) Driving Record- If any driver has a bad driving record then they need High Risk Car Insurance. Having a bad driving record means violating traffic rules, driving at a high speed and causing accidents. It is usually seen that violators have more chances of causing accidents.

4) Lack of car Insurance- If the car insurance company finds that any driver is driving without a insurance or previous insurance has been cancelled then the driver is needed to have a high risk car insurance.

In case you have a poor credit history, history of causing accidents or violations then you must try to drive safer if you want to protect yourself from paying high premium.

There are people who continuously break the traffic rules, drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, drive rashly, etc. Among all the traffic rules violations, driving under influence is the most serious one. DUI Car Insurance trouble is the most serious trouble as the person driving under the influence of alcohol may have to pay higher premiums. It is generally seen that the rate of alcohol related accidents is much higher and the driver not only risks his life but also the life of the public. As a result driving under influence has become a serious offence which leads to high DUI Car Insurance.

When people apply for an insurance policy they are randomly checked by the car insurance company or they may check at least once in every three years. However, some drivers may be lucky enough as accidents, traffic violations and DUIs do not appear in their driving record. But generally, DUI drivers are considered as a high risk driver and they will have to pay high premiums for DUI Car Insurance. There are different rules for DUI and auto insurance in different states. In some states you will have to get a SR-22 form from the insurance company and have to fill it and there are no chances of hiding your offense where as in some states you do not require it.

Therefore, to save yourself from paying high premiums for High Risk Car Insurance and DUI Car Insurance you must try to drive safely and ensure that you would not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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