Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How To Get Better New York Car Insurance

New York has its own laws and expectations when it comes to vehicle insurance. It is usual therefore to get insured with companies which make sure that you have the most suitable insurance for your individual requirements.

As with other States, insurance is a legal obligation in New York and not only an option that you can take up if you want to. This is good for the car owners as a group as it means that drivers that have accidents can expect to get the compensation that they want. This is not the situation when uninsured car owners are considered.

In order to make certain that drivers are insured there are certain checks that occur. If you have an accident or are stopped by law enforcement officers you will be asked to show that you have insurance. As well as this, the Department of Motor Vehicles is informed of all cancellations or non renewals of car insurance. The results of driving without insurance are that you will get a huge fine and you may also have your vehicle registration and driver license suspended.

New York has a no fault system, which basically means that your insurance company will produce the money after an accident no matter who was to blame for the accident in the first place. This stops serious problems and situations having to be considered in courts before anyone sees a dollar in compensation.

In New York there are lawful minimum needs for the car insurance that you purchase. In the situation of bodily injury liability, you need a minimum of $25 000 cover for each individual involved with a maximum liability of $50 000 for the over all cover. You must also have $10 000 property damage liability. These figures vary for each state in the USA and are often given in the common way of 25/50/10. Keeping your insurance to these minimum amounts can still lead to problems. If only 2 people are injured then each will get the minimum of $25 000. However, if more individuals are injured then each person will try to claim their $25 000. In this case only the first applicants will get their compensation leaving the rest with nothing. This could lead to you being sued by the remaining people, if the accident can in fact be proved to be your fault. therefore car owners often make sure that their insurance cover is above the legal minimum requirements.

The best car insurance doesn't just involve getting it at the least price that you are able to. You need to also consider the service given by the company itself. You must be sure that the company has a good reputation in customer service. This will mean that claims should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. There is nothing worse than having an accident and then having to wait a long time for compensation. This could stop you paying medical bills or getting your car repaired or replaced.

There are various additional products that you can choose. These are not legally needed but can make everything little easier. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) will cover the medical bills of you and your passengers, if you are involved in an accident. You can also buy cover for uninsured or under insured motorists. These situations can be problematic and without this type of insurance you could end up with no compensation, little compensation or a court case to deal with. Neither of these are the sort things that you want to deal with just after you have been involved in a horrible experience.

The important thing to do, as far as getting car insurance in New York, is to make sure that you shop around. There are lots of different companies out there and they are all attempting to get you to buy. As a result they will have offers on at different times in the year and so you should look out for these. Many insurance companies seem to rely on the lack of consumer effort factor when it comes to their regular customers. This means that they don't pass these special offers onto their existing customers. Sometimes existing customers get a worse deal the longer that they stay with a certain company. You need to try and look for offers on every yearly renewal date. The easiest way to do this is to employ the internet. You can quickly fill in an online form and get a quote in a couple of minutes. Using these quotes will get you the better deal that you are searching for. Using a broker can be costly considering they add on their own commission to the price of the insurance. You may like the personal dealings with the broker but it can be costly.

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