Monday, August 20, 2012

Important Information On Direct Car Insurance You Need To Know

Although most advertisements proclaim loudly that getting direct car insurance is so easy that even a caveman can do it, nothing could be farther from the truth. Facts are that an insurance company will look into your past driving record, age, gender and location before deciding on how much premium it is going to charge you with. If it were so easy, why not try getting insurance with a past history of driving violations and chances are that you will end up paying a higher premium and going to court or having your license revoked or cancelled. To keep your premiums on the lower side, a clean driving record is necessary and in order to keep that clean, you must avoid tickets and penalty.

Here are some important factors to be considered for a caveman (no pun intended):

Gender: If you happen to be born with a fair gender, chances are you will be a benefit of paying a lower premium. This may seem unfair but this rule is based on the belief that men are usually more reckless and drive more fast as compared to women. Though, contrary to this belief, I have seen some women who are in the younger age group ending up driving 70 miles an hour and crashing into another cars bumper. Well, looks like there is a bit of gender bias over there, but then life is not so fair after all.

Location: The location of your cave matters. Staying in an affluent area means a higher premium. Your zip code matters too. If you are staying in a notorious neighborhood, chances of your car getting hit or stolen is more than for a person who is staying in a relatively safe area. I have a brother who pays half the insurance premium which I pay. Direct car insurance is like a real estate price where the location matters too.

Vehicle Type: If you own one of the snazzy car models, chances of it being stolen are more likely. Also, there are certain vehicles that are more popular among car thieves than others. Car thieves fancy the snazzy and popular models as they are high in demand in stolen vehicle parts market and for illegal export to other countries.

Your insurance company is going to charge a higher premium for the privilege of owning one of these cars.

Past Driving Record: If your past driving record is bad, that is, if have been involved in a car accident or got a record for drunken driving, you will find yourself paying higher premiums than those you are relatively clean driving record.

While buying direct car insurance it is important to know that the above mentioned factors like age, sex, location, past driving record too are to be considered, even for a caveman.

Auto insurance is taken by a person to safeguard his/her assets like car, truck or any four-wheeler vehicle against fire, theft and damage. It is a good idea to take an auto insurance policy after completely understanding the coverage available and the terms and conditions of the policy. It is simpler still to get an online car insurance quote by visiting the websites of the insurance companies.

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